Proposals (Fall 2012)

These are the game proposals currently in progress by students in this class.

Patrick L GTA IV
Guy S Metal Gear (msx)
Ashton F Mario Party Series
Jonathan M Star Wars: Battleground
Brendan D Fallout 3
Sarah S Sims 3
Andrew B Little Big Planet
Chris Z Heavy Rain
Colleen M Madden
Ryan M Paper Mario 64
Brandon S K.O.T.O.R. II
Imani T Assassin’s Creed
Elaine D Resident Evil (series)
Grant S Borderlands 1/2
Tony Gears of War
John H Deus Ex
Jonathan H COD 4: Modern Warfare
Alex P Myst
Jenna D Words with Friends
Josh C Metroid
DJ W Minecraft
Anthony W Call of Duty Series
Sean M Mortal Kombat Series
Will N Need for Speed Series
Erik O Forza Motorsport Series
Jessica P
Edwin L
Jacqueline H