Ashe: She was the first champion I used. She’s a ranged DPS, which is my favorite class to play … Read the rest


This is Ahri. I think they have her labeled as a ranged mage assassin.

Like Morgana, she is fairly … Read the rest


Morgana: mage ranged

She’s very good at killing off the enemy minions which can be very annoying. But mainly, … Read the rest

Still haven’t played…

Well, it seems that, not only have i given up on FFXII, but also on FFXIII. Now, I’m really into … Read the rest

The Most Confusing Game Ever


Parappa the Rapper. This game was the most confusing game I had ever played. You play the role of … Read the rest

Playing Games With My Family

I’ve always loved playing videogames with other people. Even when I was a child, I only really wanted to play … Read the rest

Well, speaking of FFXIII

I did exactly what I expected from myself. haha. I started the game. I made it to approximately the same … Read the rest

OOPS!!!!! I posted this to the wrong blog hahaha

So, I played FFXII nonstop for about a week, and then I saw a trailer for FFXIII-2 and I couldn’t … Read the rest

What does this say?

Bioware has stated that they are working on a modified ending to Mass Effect 3. There has been a lot … Read the rest

How it all started…

Once upon a time(only a few years ago), in a faraway land(my house), a young warrior(me) picked up a magical … Read the rest