Basic Football

These types of games are ageless. I found my self playing this for hours, even though its not much it can still be pretty addicting. There are no players just line shapes for players. when you are playing you are one person and have to avoid being tackled by not running into the moving players. You are able to move forward and side to side with the buttons provided.  you only play as one player and you only play offense. the function is basic but it creates a basic simulation of football in the fact that you have to run and avoid the other players in order to get a touchdown. I’m sure there are plenty of handheld football games that are more visually satisfying but this game brings people entertainment throughout the ages. My dad was the one who introduced me to the game. He had when he was younger and kept it all these year. For a game that came out in the 70’s i think its a pretty entertaining game that you can play anywhere. Very portable and easy to play but can be stimulating for hours. I think that this game should be kept just as a reminder that even basic games can be entertaining. the technology improved significantly since the 70’s, but in my option the makers of Football Mattel made a great game.

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