My time away from it all is surely missed.

Before college, I was a very avid gamer. My life was surrounded by my family, lacrosse, school, and video games I played with friends. The amount of time my friends and I played was a ridiculous amount. I mean, we went out and saw action movies over the summer, but we didn’t feel like doing much once we were in that “gaming mode”. Have you ever had those days where you just played video games and you didn’t care? That was us every day of the summer. We didn’t feel like doing anything, I mean c’mon we just graduated and we are now going into college! With the occasional movie trip to go see movies like The Dark Knight Rises and dinner, our summer was involved with playing Minecraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

My two friends that I played with over Xbox Live the most are Colin Nielsen and Travis Bryant. Now Travis would play games like Fifa… Colin and I didn’t believe in children’s games. We played MW3, Minecraft, Black Ops, etc. We liked winning with guns and we also liked to just kick-back and relax to mine and dig. Our prime game is MW3. It’s gross how good we are…

Colin and I have been playing the Call of Duty series together since Call of Duty 4. Even then, we dominated kids day in and day out. We were always either getting clan invites or the trolls that say, and I quote, “YOU GUYS ARE TRASH. YOU CHEAT AT THE GAME.ETC.” I miss those messages, now kids just accept it. Colin and I started playing in an age of trolls, I mean, I started my Xbox Live career with Mechassault and Halo 2. But we met through Call of Duty 4. Even though the kid went to my school, I didn’t know who he was until half way through freshman year when I finally got to meet him. Since then, we would always game together. The harassing “get on.” texts every day when either one of us was on the gaming console.

Now that we have been at college for a little over half of the semester, we reminiscence on the days of when we could play Xbox and live life with no worries. Those were the good ol’ days. For now, we will regroup for Thanksgiving break and then Winter break to play with all of our new games.

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