The Interesting Adventures of Four Monkeys

In the game, Super Monkey Ball, Monkeys are enclosed within balls, and players control them by tilting the ground in which they are on.  There are many different versions of the game, however it started out as an arcade cabinet.  Soon after, it became a game for the Nintendo GameCube.  The game has three modes, Main Game, Party Games, and Mini Games.  In Main Game, the objective is to lead the Monkey through a maze, into a goal.  The Party Games include racing, a target game, and a fighting game.  The Mini Games include bowling, billiards, and golf.

While Super Monkey Ball is based on a simple idea, a lot of elaboration was required to make it into the game it is.  Did you ever have a toy that contained balls that moved when the toy was tilted?  While Super Monkey Ball is similar to this, it is a lot more dynamic due to the personality of the monkeys, the diversity of levels, and the creative background settings.  There are four main monkeys with personalities very different from one another that the player can play as: Aiai, Meemee, Baby, and Gongon.  Elements which make the levels more interesting include transporters, bumpers, narrow paths, and switches.  In Super Monkey Ball 2, there are over 100 levels in the Main Game, which all require practice in order for a player to master.  There is a story, where Dr. Bad-Boon steals all the bananas from the monkeys’ island, and it is the monkeys’ job to get them back.   They do this by going through all the mazes.  There are ten mazes in a world, and the worlds are very different from one another.  They include an amusement park, a volcano, and an underwater world.

The Party Games in Super Monkey Ball also attract many players.  Monkey Race is similar to Mario Kart, in the sense that there are eight racers, who complete a number of laps, while items are available to help them win.  In Monkey Target, players send the monkey down a ramp to launch it into the air by opening the ball.  They then have to fly the monkey over a body of water to a target, which they land on by closing the ball.  Monkey Target may remind players of a dart game, because the targets look similar to dart boards and have certain scores on them that they player will receive if they land in certain places.  Higher scores are closer to the middle.  There is also a Monkey Fight game, where the players compete in a game similar to a boxing match.  The monkeys have on what look like boxing gloves, and the goal is to knock the other players out of the arena.  There are certain items that will make a player stronger in this game, as well.  While these Party Games may not be based on unique ideas, the application of the monkeys, the settings, and the music found in other parts of the game make them unique.

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