Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Welcome to the Wasteland

You’re scavenging the wasteland for purified water and you notice a Super-Mutant charging at you with grenades and a baseball bat. You pull out your sniper rifle and pop one into the head of the Super-Mutant, dropping him in one shot. That’s all you needed to alert the other Super-Mutants in the area you are in. So now they all start a gunfight with you, launching rockets and firing assault rifles at you, when all you wanted was purified water. That’s Fallout 3 for you. The wasteland is filled with enemies like Super-Mutants and mutated bears and other animals. Life in the wasteland isn’t easy; it’s not for the faint of heart. Fallout 3 is the game that is destined to be on the canon because it’s gameplay, graphics, and music & sound.

First, Fallout 3 is the game that is destined to be on the video game canon because of its gameplay. Fallout 3 is a game with VERY few glitches and hiccups (unless the disc is scratched, but every game is like that when the disc gets scratched…). I say the game flows very smoothly and walking around the wasteland is such a seamless activity. Fighting sequences are usually random, unless it’s part of the story line, but engaging in battles in easy as well since its real time fighting in the game. Like, fighting a Mirelurk in the murky depths of the metro will happen at random times but there is no loading screen or anything to let you know that you are being threatened. All you have is your compass and if it’s a red dash on the compass that means an enemy nearby is going to attack you and they are aware of your presence. Also, Fallout 3 is a first person and third person game. With the push of a single button, ‘select’ on an Xbox 360 controller, you can switch from first person to third person effortless and without any hiccups. Third person is great for scouting out areas when you are sitting behind a barrier, sneaking around. Fallout 3 also has a self-healing system where you need to heal yourself using supplies; unlike in other games you just magically regain health. To heal yourself, you can drink purified water, dirty water (with you being poisoned by radiation), sleeping in a bed, or various other foods. Another thing about Fallout 3 is that you can’t just carry everything in the wasteland. You have a certain amount of weight you can carry, depending on how wisely you choose your attributes, and if you go over that weight your character practically walks really, really slow. The games physic engine helps with the game play. Let’s say you launch a rocket at an enemy and it hits right under that enemy. That enemy will fly in the air due to the explosion, but it won’t overly fly like a cartoon. It will be the right amount of airtime due to the explosion and weight of the enemy. As I’ve stated before, the enemy won’t go flying for miles like in cartoons but they will fly. Although bullets don’t drop, like in real life due to gravity, the game is still very realistic. Except for laser guns because we don’t really have much research on those to determine if gravity would help those bullets or not. Fallout 3 makes the gaming experience as realistic as it can, despite it being in an unrealistic (hopefully) setting.

Second, Fallout 3 is the game that is destined to be on the video game canon because of its graphics. The graphics in Fallout 3 are scary good. Post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. is incredible.  You can see every aspect of D.C. and the suburbs of D.C. The monuments in D.C. are destroyed from the nuclear attack but still remain standing. The wasteland is a dark place, but beautiful. The serene mountains can be an escape from the true, scary part of the wasteland. The graphics are practically life-like. You feel like you are walking through D.C., besides the fact that there are post-apocalyptic monsters chasing you or shooting at you. Other than that, things like the monuments are destroyed but still very distinct in an eerie way. If you have visited Washington, D.C. this game is very eerie at times because of how realistic the graphics are. The graphics are dark and dismal but nonetheless they are an incredible aspect. The game is visually appealing despite it having a gloomy feel to it. The enemies are well crafted and the living beings are very well crafted.

Third, Fallout 3 is the game that is destined to be on the video game canon because of its music & sound. The music in Fallout 3 is the typical ‘40s music you would listen to on XM radio. It is like you are in the ‘40s and ‘50s when nuclear weapons were being made. The music is also very catchy and it will get addicting to listen to, I mean what else are you going to do as you roam the wasteland killing mutilated beasts? The sound in Fallout 3 sets itself from other games. The sounds of the guns are lifelike, when you hit something with a sledgehammer or baseball bat you can hear a crunch and talking in general is very realistic.

In conclusion, Fallout 3 should be canonized because of its gameplay, graphics, and music & sound. No other game is like Fallout 3 with gameplay. Fallout 3 set the standard for gameplay and other game developers should try to make their games come close to the level of gameplay Fallout 3 has. Also, the graphics in Fallout 3 are essentially the best graphics ever made (beside Skyrim, but that game was produced by the same team as Fallout 3). You can walk around D.C. and you will be amazed as to how life like the game developers wanted to reach. One more note, the music & sound aspect of the game wraps up how amazing this game is. Sounds from the wild, mutilated animals are very scary good and whenever someone talks, you feel like they are actually a real person in the room. Let alone the music just simply completes the game because of how awesome it is. Fallout 3 is the game to be canonized next.


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